We empower people to express themselves through their own clothes, and provides a sense of freedom by making getting dressed everyday easier.

Gina Adams
Gina AdamsFounder and CEO
A social entrepreneur with tenacity and a devotion to help lift people’s spirits. With over 20 years experience in the Apparel industry and Civic & Social sector, she gets to combine both passions to help people and develop transformative products.
James Murtha
James MurthaChief Innovation Officer
A Visionary, with an entrepreneurial spirit, living with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). With daily challenges, he brings life experience to inspire designs and enhance the development process. He is instrumental in bringing positive change to people’s lives one adaptive product at a time.
Rochelle Osborne
Rochelle OsborneChief Operating Officer
An Entrepreneur, with a passion for challenging the norm and bringing great ideas to fruition. With 25 years of Operations experience in Finance, Retail and Human Resources, she is ready to launch Wareologie and empower people to live autonomous lives.
siobhan gregory advisory board member of buttons 2 button
Siobhan GregoryAdvisory Board Member
Industrial Designer and Design Anthropologist. Her research focuses on the progress of human-centered design and social design. In the business sector, she uses anthropological methods to inform consumer insights research to help organizations form meaningful connections through products, services and brand messaging.
ed kim advisory board member of buttons 2 button
Ed KimAdvisory Board Member
Venture Partner, Enchant Ventures Adj. Prof of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Wayne State University
dan radomski advisory board member of buttons 2 button
Dan RadomskiAdvisory Board Member
Director of the Centrepolis Accelerator at Lawrence Technological University, specializing in commercialization of hardware physical product start-ups and manufacturing strategy.