WANTED: OT/PT Product Reviewers

We need your help! OT/PT PRODUCT REVIEWERS WANTED FOR MAGNETIC BUTTON ADAPTERS We are looking for 10 Occupational and Physical Therapists to participate in product R&D. We are giving away a set of Buttons 2 Button​ Magnetic Adapters and a shirt in exchange for your input. In return, we ask you to: 1. Watch 30

Buttons 2 Button Making Clothing More Adaptive

  Written by Anna Chamberlin, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Today’s Care. Tomorrow’s Cure.® Aug. 13, 2019 Buttons 2 Button by Wareologie is a product, founded by Gina Adams, which makes fashion choices more accessible to individuals living with a disability. They are magnetic covers for buttons that easily snap together to allow anyone, even someone