Buttons 2 Button Magnetic Adaptor Set (Contains 10 Adaptors) *Promotional discount price while supplies last!

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Convert your shirt into a magnetic closure to make getting dressed easy. See how VIDEO

Magnetic button adaptors are specially designed to convert your shirt buttons into magnetic closures. This simple, patent pending solution helps overcome dexterity limitations and takes the hassle out of buttoning. Regain the ability to dress and undress independently. Enjoy the freedom to choose comfortable clothes to express your unique style!

Convert shirts simply by clipping one part over the shirt button, like a tupperware lid. Then, connect the 2 pieces through the buttonhole.

It takes only a few minutes (but does require fine motor skills to install.) Each set contains 10 adaptors. (The average shirt has 9 buttons; 7 in front and 2 cuffs.)

Product features

  • Save time. Eliminate button hassles. Push lapels together through magnetic force.
  • No sewing necessary.
  • Easy to attach to your shirt buttons and buttonholes. *One time installation does require fine motor skills.
  • Enjoy the freedom to wear shirts that reflect your style.
  • Machine washable and dryer resistant. *We recommend washing in a mesh laundry bag and line dry.
  • Semi permanent attachment. Transfer to other shirts for seasonal updates.
  • Convert your own wardrobe at a fraction of the price of buying new shirts.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Works on loose fitting clothing. Stress points at the neck, chest or tummy causes shirt to open.

Not All Buttons Are Created Equal

Like us, all buttons are not created equal. The average button size is a little less than ½ inch in diameter. Our adaptors fit traditional buttons, commonly found on men's shirts. Use the template on the packaging to measure your button to this "average" size example.

To function properly and withstand laundry, the caps must fit nice and snug. If your buttons are tiny (less then ⅜") or big (greater than ½" on XXL shirts) they may not fit. We will accommodate these various sizes in the very near future, but for now, these work very well with men's traditional button front shirts.


  • Magnets are not toys. Buttons 2 Button are not intended for children or anyone with mental disabilities due to the swallowing hazard.
  • Do not eat button adaptors.
  • Do not use button adaptors if you have a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator.

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