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WANTED: OT/PT Product Reviewers

We need your help!


We are looking for 10 Occupational and Physical Therapists to participate in product R&D. We are giving away a set of Buttons 2 Button​ Magnetic Adapters and a shirt in exchange for your input.

In return, we ask you to:

1. Watch 30 sec. video on how to attach
2. Attach magnetic adapters once to the provided shirt
3. Recruit at a minimum 5-6 clients to try closing shirt in the next 4 weeks
*We estimate it will take ~10 min.
4. Take a 5 question, 1 minute survey mid October

Our goal is to help restore valuable time to both individuals and caregivers to improve independence and overall well-being. We want to ensure our product helps carryout an essential activity of daily living.

If you are interested in participating REGISTER TODAY!

Copy/paste registration link:

Thank you for your support,
Gina and the Wareologie Team

I’ld like to introduce you to Dave Hill, an amazing, warm hearted man who is a 12 year stroke survivor. He connected with us and has offered to test products for us. Thanks Dave!

Start Garden 100 Demo Day Win

The last week in August was stellar for Wareologie.

I am proud to report that despite stiff competition – Wareologie was awarded a $20,000 grant from Start Garden Demo Day 100 on August 27 at 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It began last spring, when a fellow female entrepreneur, Stacey Feeley of Sili Kids recommended looking into Start Garden. “Thank you Stacey!” I had to film a 30 second video directly on the Start Garden website (no editing allowed). I was happy we initially made it past the first screening and out of 776 applicants were one of just 100 selected to participate. Out of those 100, only 10 were eligible to win.

I grew up just south of Grand Rapids in Middleville and went to high school at East Kentwood so I was excited to return home and compete in GR.

This was not your traditional stage “pitch” where you have to present to a bunch of intimidating judges and large crowd. This was more like a trade show with a lively, party atmosphere. We had a 6×6’ space to present our wares. (pun intended).

We just went into production in August and are preparing to exhibit at our first tradeshows so the venue was ideal. It pushed my team to think outside the box and determine the best way to “wow” the judges who strolled through the event visiting each booth.

We have a unique challenge with our brand. Our company name is Ware·ologie. We develop “hardware” to restore independence and empower people facing dexterity challenges. We intentionally spelled our name with an “ie” for independence and empowerment.

Our first product to market is Buttons 2 Button Magnetic Adapters. It’s hard enough marketing one name let alone two. We’ve learned some tough lessons while on the field, running with the football. We are adapters, so we are learning the lessons attempting to lessen the confusion around who we are and what we do.

All our hard work paid off and we are beyond thrilled to report we were selected 1 out of 10 grand prize winners! This is a truly needed cash injection to help us go to market and reach our customers!

But this does more than just fill our coffers. The recognition demonstrates company vitality and instills confidence in our partners. I am hoping this opens the doors to new opportunities for future funding because the reality is, starting a company takes capital. And before the revenue starts flowing, we need support by foundations and individuals to cover startup costs.

This win was huge for us because it is monetary validation that we are on the right path!

Buttons 2 Button Making Clothing More Adaptive


Written by Anna Chamberlin, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
Today’s Care. Tomorrow’s Cure.® Aug. 13, 2019

Buttons 2 Button by Wareologie is a product, founded by Gina Adams, which makes fashion choices more accessible to individuals living with a disability. They are magnetic covers for buttons that easily snap together to allow anyone, even someone with no movement of their hands, to use them.

The problem

“30 million people have hand limitations and rely on someone else to get dressed. We have a really unique opportunity with a simple, affordable solution to help restore tremendous levels of dignity,” Gina explained. She envisions adapters being helpful to a broad range of individuals living with disabilities such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons, arthritis or recovering from hand surgery.

Gina wanted to create a product that is accessible to all and restores confidence to people living with disabilities. She understands how frustrating it is for someone not to be able to get dressed on their own, as her stepfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This lead to the creation of Wareologie, which is the backing company for the product Buttons 2 Button, and hopefully similar, helpful products in the future. However, she revealed that the idea for this company actually came about decades earlier as she worked in the corporate, social, and civil sector throughout her career. “When I was working for North Face, I knew clothing made for able-bodied people doesn’t work for people with disabilities. This is a really underserved group of active people. These are the most courageous people, yet they have to use duct tape to keep their mittens on. So this company was basically conceived 20 years ago when I identified this problem.”

Eventually, she had the idea to create a company that combined all these passions in a way that would benefit the community.

Developing magnet buttons

When she first had the idea of starting a company, she looked for inspiration from the paralysis community. She went around asking members of the community two questions: What are you doing right now to help with clothing? Moreover, what do you wish you had to help with clothing? She found that many people who were living with spinal cord injury had manipulated accessories to adapt to their daily lives. She took inspiration from these adaptations and began developing ideas for her products.

The team

While looking for feedback, she met James Murtha, who sustained a C4 level injury, leaving him with high-level quadriplegia with limited movement in arms, and no movement in his legs and hands. After speaking with him, the idea for Buttons 2 Button was born.

During their first encounter, James revealed how he managed to stay warm using flannel shirts wrapped around his neck as a scarf. He also explained to her how the sleeves would frequently unravel, and he wished that there was some way they can snap together magnetically to prevent that from happening all the time. Gina took this idea and thought about how it could become a product to serve the communities needs.

“My intention was more for those sleeves to keep together, not for a dress shirt but that’s what Gina ended up coming up with, and it works so well,” James said. About a year later, James checked in to see the progress she had made, learning that his idea was becoming a reality. Gina, seeing the benefit of having his perspective, offered him a position on the team as Chief Innovation Officer where he designs, develops, and tests products.

Buttons 2 Button is beginning to take off under the help of Gina, James, and the other members of the team. The marketing aspect of their product is more important than ever; this is because their intentions are more than just making money.

“Products and services need to have that exposure to get it to people. I already see what effect this has on the overall community and the market. I mean it’s already made an impact in the last several years with different brands. For a while, it was only disabled people working on adaptive clothing, but now big companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Target are starting to create adaptive products or at least supply them,” James said.”It’s creating awareness to this population of need.”

Wareologie is a company that not only makes people’s lives better by supplying adaptive clothing but by also raising awareness for more companies to do the same. They not only strive to be a major company that makes adaptive apparel, accessories, and beyond, but they hope that all companies can gain inspiration from them and make their products accessible to people living with a disability as well.

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